Please join us (w/ food and drinks!) as Aaron Grothe presents “Java and Unikernels - Run what you Need”!

Also note the address: this event will be at Object Partners/Improving’s new office out west!

Abstract: Unikernels take the idea of an operating system and strip it down to just what you need to run your program. This can reduce the size of your containers, reduce the potential attack surface and increase performance. There are tradeoffs as well in terms of increased complexity and reduced flexibility.

This talk will go through the basics of using Unikernels with Java with several quick demos. Hopefully, people will leave the talk with thinking about adding unikernels to their toolbox.

Speaker: Aaron Grothe is a Systems/Architect at an Omaha company. He’s been published in 2600 magazine several times and is a two-time IOCCC winner. For more information hit his website at

Schedule: Food and Networking: 5:30 - 6:00 Presentation: 6:00 - 7:00 Jetbrains IntelliJ license raffle for in-person attendees after the talk! Post-talk drinks and conversation too!

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Sponsors: Thank you to Object Partners (now part of Improving) for sponsoring the room space, food, drinks, and site fees!

Thank you to Jetbrains for sponsoring by providing an IntelliJ License that we will raffle off to the in-person attendees!

Additionally, if your group is interested in sponsoring or speaking at OJUG, please reach out for opportunities!

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