Please join us (w/ food and drinks!) as Matt Payne presents “ - jump start your Spring Boot apps”! Bring your laptop and code along with the presentation!

Abstract: It’s one thing to read about spring boot, spring data JPA and other technology. It’s even better to generate a short, self-contained, correct ready-to-run example quickly. Thomas Surmann’s web application is fabulous for learning or starting a new application. Come learn about the SaaS web application, the “Best developer experience for starting Spring Boot apps ‐ best practices included.” We’ll discuss and work through the following (bring your laptop if you’d like to play along):

  1. A tour of the free tier of great SaaS that is
  2. Generating many to many relationships with JPA (spring data)
  3. - Quick & easy all Java Database with an easy-to-use web console
  4. Then we’ll swap h2 out for PostgreSQL.
  5. API generation with swagger (OpenAPI) using Bootify
  6. Thymeleaf GUI that sits alongside the APIs
  7. is an excellent (language-neutral) way to mix AJAX into your application for single-page app-like interactivity.
  8. We’ll do all the mvn install work in the cloud – no heavy downloads on wifi. How? We’ll demo two cloud development environments.
  9. See how quick & easy to use’s free tier is for cloud development environments to explore a GitHub repository.
  10. See how quick & easy GitHub’s Codespaces are to use. Currently, GitHub gives away “up to 60 hours a month free” of Codespaces to each user.

We’ll use the sample repo that was created in minutes using

The short link for this presentation is

Speaker: Matt Payne is an organizer of OJUG, and a great guy.

Schedule: Pizza and Networking: 5:30 - 6:00 Presentation: 6:00 - 7:00 Jetbrains IntelliJ license raffle for in-person attendees after the talk! Post-talk drinks and conversation too!

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Sponsors: Thank you to Object Partners (now part of Improving) for sponsoring the room space, pizza, drinks, and site fees!

Thank you to Jetbrains for sponsoring by providing an IntelliJ License that we will raffle off to the in-person attendees!

Additionally, if your group is interested in sponsoring or speaking at OJUG, please reach out for opportunities!

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