Topic: Java and Performance - Biggest Mistakes

Have you ever wondered why your e-Banking system is down yet again for maintenance or what problem it was that caused your check-out to take forever until it terminated with a weird error message?

Misconfigured O/R Mappers causing millions of SQL Queries and “leaking” DB connection leaks, excessive logging that consumes all Disk I/O, memory leaks that bring the JVM to crash every couple of hours or a forgotten XML configuration entry that causes millions of “Control-Flow Exceptions” that never make it to any log file. These are some of the problems that crashed large enterprise applications in the last 12 years (some even made it to national & international news). In this session we learn how to avoid these top problems by automatically looking at key performance and architectural metrics along your continuous deployment pipeline.


Asad Ali is an application performance enthusiast who has over 15 years of experience in Object oriented programming, Java, scripting languages and databases. For the last 7 years he has been working with enterprise clients with key focus on application performance. During his spare time, Asad likes to pursue his passion for photography.

Location:Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska, 1919 Aksarben Dr, Omaha, NE 68180


5:30 Networking 6:00 Food – Courtesy of TekSystems

6:30 Presentation

8-ish Drinks and more at DJ’s Dugout (Aksarben)

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