1/20/2015 let’s have a two part meeting:

Part One: Local Lightning talks from Seth Lachner (jClouds), Matt Payne (SonarQube etc).

Part Two: Remote via WebEx/GotoMeeting/Google-hangout

Tyler Jewel from CodEnvy.com writes:

Title: Contribute to Any Project in Seconds with a Cloud IDE

The Java community is filled with terrific solutions for enabling development of apps. Every Java developer has their choice of tools and the openness of the platform makes it accessible to anyone and extensible by everyone.But why then, is 99% of all development still done locally? While sales, marketing, customer service, support, finance, and infrastructure has steadily moved to the cloud over the past decade, Java development remains rooted on the desktop. Will it always be this way?

Coder utopia: where environments are instantly accessible from any computer; where any number of private machines with root access can be provisioned at will; and developers build, test and debug with infinite, non-thrashing resources.

In this session we will introduce Codenvy, a no-blocking, no thrashing cloud IDE combined with automation that provisions developer workspace replicas that are simply shareable and secure to manage.

Session Length: 45 Mins

Session Agenda

1) Why Cloud Development

2) Types of Cloud IDEs

3) Demo of Codenvy

** Remote workspace & project configuration

** CLI & Browser access

** Temporary, on-demand environments

** Shared development: editor, syntax analysis, collaborative coding

** Cloud build, dependency management, unit test (maven / ant / groovy)

** Cloud debug (runner, multi-process container, shell access)

** Project persistence (storage, image mgmt, privacy)

** Project creation (resource management, cloud bindings)

** Datasource management (cloud vs. local resources)

** Analytics (user dashboard, derived metrics, session tracking)

** Cloning (creating re-usable environments, embeddable, customizable)

** Plug-ins (extending browser and server-side cloud functionality)

** APIs (accounts, workspaces, projects, runners, builders, etc.)

** Offline and On-Premises Access (running proprietary clouds)

i) Lift, grails, wicket, tapestry, GWT, JSF, Thymelaf, xtream, Vaadin, Shale, velocity, Play, Struts

ii) JBoss, GlassFish, WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, Jetty, Resin, Tomcat, Virgo, Geronimo, TomEE

iii) JRuby, Groovy, Maximize, Kotlin, Jython, Scala, Ceylon, Clojure, Rhino.

Location:Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska, 1919 Aksarben Dr, Omaha, NE 68180


5:30 Networking

6:00 Food – Courtesy of TekSystems

6:15 - 6:30pm – Matt talks about SonarQube and maybe the LocalOmaha.org project

6:30 - 6:45pm – Seth on jClouds

6:45 - 7:30pm – CodEnvy.com

8:00 Drinks and more at DJ’s Dugout (Aksarben)

Please RSVP at MeetUp.com

Also, in the FREE STUFF department, JetBrains has signed up to be an additional sponsor, and is giving us 1-2 free IntelliJ IDEA licenses to raffle away EVERY MONTH (2 if we have over 50 attendees)! So stick around for the drawing at the end of the meeting before we head to DJ’s!

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